Can phone repair shops steal your data without password?

Most of the time, phone repair shops need your password. It's also important to ask repair shop employees why they need your password. If the repair shop needs your password to ensure that the repair works properly, tell the employee that you'll enter your password when you pick up the phone. If the repair shop needs your password to repair your phone, you have a couple of options.

If the repair won't take long, you can wait in the shop and enter your password yourself when the employee needs it. If you can't wait for your phone to be repaired, you can give the repair shop your mobile phone number and ask the employee to call you if they need your password to repair your phone. If the employee calls, ask them for a detailed explanation of why you need your password while talking to the employee and only tell them your password if you think they need it legitimately. Once you've chosen the repair method, either by the manufacturer or by a third party, there are steps you can take to protect your phone's private data before handing it over for repair.

For this reason, most repair shops will ask you to sign a disclaimer in which you will also be asked to delete personal data before handing it over for repair. It is necessary to access the general functions of the phone, which is necessary for testing, diagnosing problems, performing repairs and testing repairs.

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