How to prepare computer for repair?

Here are the five things you should keep in mind before taking your computer in for repair. Be selective who you entrust your device to. Make sure you have a backup copy of your data. Delete all personal data before repair or ensure that it is encrypted.

Make accessing your device as easy as possible. You can use Google Photos to store your images and videos to store photos and videos, but it has a backup limit of 15 Gb. After that, you have to pay for storage. Also, be sure to follow the advice of 2 to 3 technicians or visit more laptop repair stores before leaving the laptop at a particular workshop.

Especially if you are not repairing it from the service center. Authorized service centers can generally charge between 350 and 500 rupees to repair a laptop for minor problems if it doesn't have a warranty. That's why, because they have a fixed price. Store important files in the cloud.

You may have already explained the nature of the problem to the IT repair technician, but there's not always a guarantee that the person you spoke to is the same person performing the repair. Write a detailed description of the problem and provide as much information as possible, including when it started. Include the problem description on your laptop or computer to avoid the risk of confusion so the technician knows exactly where to start looking for the repair diagnosis.

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