Is computer technician a good career?

Yes, being a computer technician is a good career to start if you like working with computers. However, you may consider gaining experience and honing your skills to advance to a higher position, since computer technicians aren't paid very well. Computer technicians, often called support specialists, offer assistance and advice to organizations and employees using computer hardware and software. In technology-driven companies, the role of IT technicians is critical.

A career as a computer technician generally requires some form of university education or certification, although formal degrees are not always needed. IT technicians have flexibility in their career options. Organizations of all types rely on IT and need employees to support their infrastructures. Educational institutions, non-profit and non-profit organizations, and public offices need computer technicians.

Along with variable employee settings, IT technicians' roles also change over time. Technicians are increasingly assuming teaching and training responsibilities, as companies want staff to become more familiar with new software programs and computer tools. This helps technicians get out from behind their desks more regularly. While IT technicians are often considered entry-level IT employees, their value to employers is significant, explains the U.S.

UU. They help develop and maintain the company's network technology, debug problems, resolve server and computer problems, and identify viruses that cause problems for network users. In addition, IT technicians are less expensive than IT managers and specialists. This means that companies are turning to them to perform as many tasks as possible (rather than higher-paid IT professionals) to keep costs down and increase profits.

Companies rely on technicians to train and support employees who use technology in core customer-facing business activities, such as sales and service. Technicians often have the opportunity to obtain many program certifications, which improve their skills, make them more valuable, increase opportunities for promotion, and increase the salary of computer technicians. Computers are everywhere, so there is an increasing need for trained computer repair technicians to help customers install hardware and software, diagnose problems, repair damaged computers, and obtain data. However, because of how important computers are to businesses and consumers, the large number of computers in use, and the fact that many users lack the technical knowledge needed to diagnose and repair computer problems on their own, the demand for computer repair technicians is expected stay healthy.

That figure is based on an additional 72,100 computer repair technicians and the retirement of 5,100 existing computer repair technicians.

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