Is it Worth Starting a Computer Repair Business?

If you have the technical know-how, there are many benefits to starting a computer repair business. People of all ages and backgrounds rely on computers for entertainment, banking, communication, and more. If you're tech-savvy, a computer repair business could be the perfect job for you. Consider the services you plan to offer.

Think about whether you will provide general hardware repair and upgrade services, virus removal, data recovery, and other services. You should also consider the operating systems you'll be working with, as there are significant differences between repairing a computer running Windows XP or Windows 7 and computers running a Linux distribution or a version of Mac OS X. Additionally, you may want to consider offering managed service provider (MSP) services for local businesses. The possibilities are endless, so it's a good idea to review your personal and professional networks and contact anyone with potential links or interests in computer repair.

The legal structure you choose for your computer repair business will determine your taxes, personal liability, and business registration requirements, so choose wisely. As your business grows, you could rent a storefront and sell computers and other electronic devices, as well as repair them. Maybe your cousin or neighbor has been repairing computers for years and can offer invaluable information and industry connections. Maybe that Facebook friend you met in college now runs a computer repair business, or a LinkedIn contact of yours is connected to dozens of potential customers.

You may want to use industry-specific software, such as Repair Shopr, SourceForge, or RepairDesk, to manage your appointments, repair tickets, billing, and reports. Research your competition to see how many other computer repair companies target the same customer base in your area. If you have the skillset and knowledge of computers, tablets, or phones, starting a computer repair business could be the perfect job for you. Some computer repair companies focus on helping business customers manage their computers, while others focus more on residential customers. Bank and SBA loans are probably the best options to finance a computer repair business other than friends and family.

Today's customers are inundated with buying options, so you'll have an edge if they can quickly understand how your computer repair company meets their needs or desires. Keeping your company's finances separate from your personal account makes it easy to file taxes and track business revenues, so it's worth doing even if you run your computer repair business as a sole proprietorship. Starting a computer repair business has advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding if it's right for you. A lot of variables come into play such as how much you would charge for services, overhead costs, repairing phones, tablets, etc., as well as computers. Although the advantages are significant, there are still some potential challenges you may face when starting a computer repair and maintenance business.

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