What does a pc technician do?

PC technicians help customers identify and overcome problems with their computers. When testing the hardware, they examine the circuit board, disk drivers, and other components of the computer. When analyzing a computer's software, they use various diagnostic tools and programs to identify and resolve functionality problems. The technician will help keep track of all monitors, keyboards, hard drives, modems, and other peripheral equipment.

Professionals are responsible for recording, reporting and statistically monitoring PC performance. It is the PC technician who examines and customizes configurations based on various platforms and operating systems. They have documented cases of hardware faults, repairs, installation and uninstallation. A PC technician is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the computer hardware.

They generally work in a retail environment, where they can be tasked with helping customers choose the right computer or laptop for their needs. A computer technician installs, maintains, and repairs an organization's computer hardware and software. They also solve user problems to find solutions for their customers. A PC technician provides technical support, advice and assistance to individuals or organizations that use information technology.

Diagnose and repair problems related to hardware or software. PC technicians are often involved in configuring or creating new hardware, installing software, and maintaining computer networks within an organization. PC technicians provide routine maintenance services and are responsible for maintaining the inventory of the inventory records of an organization's computers, copiers, or printers. PC technicians provide technical support by phone or email.

They are responsible for solving problems specified by computer users. To resolve problems, they must listen carefully to the problem, as described by the user. They need to diagnose the problem by asking questions and then helping to resolve it. PC technicians are also involved in writing training manuals or providing training to end users on any new computer hardware or software.

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