When computer crashes what do i do?

The best way to restart a frozen computer is to hold down the power button for five to 10 seconds. This will allow the computer to restart safely without interrupting a total loss of power. Be sure to disconnect additional headphones or cables, as these items may cause technical problems when the computer restarts. Now, this may be the most difficult and embarrassing step of all, but it is one of the most important.

Be sure to tell your boss exactly what happened right away to keep him in the loop. While it may be difficult to admit what has happened, you should make sure to talk about your computer failure and hope for the best. After uninstalling the application that causes the crash, restart your computer in normal mode and it should be working now. Driver corruption can also cause the crash, and you can try to update the drivers to fix the problem.

Update the drivers manually: You can update the drivers in the Device Manager. Or, you can go to the driver manufacturer's website and then find and install the correct driver for your computer. Automatically update your drivers: If you're not familiar with playing with drivers, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy. Once you are on the home setup page, press the 6-number key on the keyboard to start in safe mode with the command line.

Restarting your computer can help your system work properly during the process, so you can try restarting your computer to correct the crash.

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