Why computer maintenance?

Keeping computers healthy can prevent viruses and malware, and keep your computer in good working order. Regular maintenance ensures that anti-virus software is kept up to date and works properly. There's nothing more annoying than a computer that works too slowly. Computers can be temperamental, and we all know that small problems can turn into big problems before we know it.

However, performing a regular maintenance check on your computer can eradicate small problems before they become big problems. Small problems can arise at any time, even when your computer is new, so nipping them in the bud during a regular maintenance session can save you a lot of headaches when your computer starts to age. Maintaining a computer involves keeping a computer in good condition and in good physical health. That is, it is a set of maintenance tasks and procedures that help keep computer software and hardware up to date and operational.

Computer maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. Equipment containing accumulated dust and dirt may not work properly.

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